President Kovind: In honor of the donor’s family

Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi and Padmashree Kiran Kumar will receive Santokba award

Surat: President Ramnath Kovind has arrived in Surat for the first time since becoming the President. Nice to attend the Honor of the Family and Doctors of Organ Donor by Donnet Life at Platinum Hall. In which CM Rupani and Governor also attended. And the honor of the family of Organ Donor.

Along with the program

President, Ramnath Kovind honored with Ganesh idol
CM, Governor, welcomed the receptions
Donate Life’s booklet was released.

CM Rupani addressed the reception

Prior to the Governor’s address, the President disagreed Mike for his replacement, but Kohli did not say
Governor’s address addressed

Address of President Ramnath Kovind

Ramanatha Kovind
Ramnath Kovind
Surat is the first in the state, it is auspicious: Ramnath Kovind

Presidential award to honor donors: President

The program to honor donors is hitting everyone. Each of the body parts is a favorite of all. It is so little to appreciate the donor. It is very good to save someone’s life. When their organ gets worse, their life gets worse when they get new life by donation. Anabolic Liver is Life. It is not a new thing to donate ancestor to Indian culture. But due to super fast, donation is not done. More than 20 lakhs of kidneys require levers to more than 1 million people. People are coming forward for donation which is a good thing. The nitrogen is improving. Surat is the first in the state, it is unrivaled. Angad is the work of humanity. It is very necessary to awaken people. A few months ago, in November 2017, one such program was made at the Presidential Palace. The honor was honored with inspiration and the invitation was received only after receiving the invitation. Allahabad Motilal College has started, Those who die will be cured. Lucknow Ram Manohar Lohia has also made a similar decision, with 25% relief. This type of work is going on in many places, including Tamilnadu.

7 students will receive gold medals at the prestigious donation ceremony held at Rashtrapati Ramnath Kovind University, which will confer Santokba award . Apart from this, the SRK Knowledge Foundation will award the Nobel prize winner Kailash Satyarthi and Padmashree AS Kirir Kumar to the Santokba award given by the President on his mother’s memory by Govind Dholakia, at the Santokba Award ceremony at Santokba Audi ceremony organized at 2:30 pm at Sanjivkumar Audi Thorium . Police standing vertical feet are coming for the first time on Tuesday, President Ramnath kovinda Surat. In the absence of his arrival, the police officer is standing on a pedestal. A police convoy has been arranged where the President is going through the road. During the extreme heat, during the visit of the President of Surat, there will be a severe examination of police personnel.

Angadena is the best donation: Governor

It is necessary to honor those who have an idea of donation in their mind too. Angad is best in donation of all. There are two manifestations in the human life: Anandaan is the work of parmartha in selfishness and parmarth. The family who has donated has performed human and parmartha work. Gujarat is ahead of many things, it is the nature of the people of empathy, human society, religion etc. Have made charitable activities. It is honorable for NGOs to do such work by the organization. It is also auspicious that in this human work, everyone is supported by the system. I am happy to know that this institution does not care for the poor families who donate it, from education to the other, it is also very good. Need to remove blindfolded people. I am glad that, Surat is an integral part of donation. Foreigners also benefit from this service.

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